Contact Us: 386-736-6206

Contact Us: 386-736-6206

Building DeLand Since 1980!
Our Mission: To construct and renovate for permanency.


We have been making contributions toward preserving the skyline of DeLand since 1980. Completing multiple projects for returning customers has helped our reputation grow. Whether you want to construct a new building or remodel your establishment we can help improve your changing business needs.

New Commercial Construction

The commercial construction business requires experience and expertise. There are many county and state regulations to follow in order to complete a project. We are experts at new commercial construction. Scroll down and view a few of our completed projects.

Commercial Historic Reconstruction

When working with historic construction, there has been one main goal: Make it look as if it has always been there. However, often a new and improved version may take on an entirely different look.  We understand and respect both challenges and have succeeded at pleasing customers many  times. DeLand is an historic area that takes pride in old buildings. We too take pride in helping maintain and preserve the skyline that makes this area unique.


Residential construction is one of our specialties. Whether your home is a single story built in the 1920’s, a three story home built recently, or an empty lot with only an idea, we can complete your every request. Scroll down to view our completed projects.

New Residential Construction

This section showcases some of the new residential construction we have completed. These began out as empty lots and a plan. We work with you every step of the way until your dream is complete. The knowledge and experience we have gained over the years makes this process easier for you. and your dream home will become a reality.

Historic Home Relocation/Renovation

One of our favorite and most memorable projects involved relocating a neglected historic home and completely renovating it. We Believe in recycling and Green Construction and think it is important to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible.

Residential Additions And Renovations

Scroll down to view additions and renovations to residential structures. Some of our projects have altered porches into bedrooms and bathrooms into kitchens. We can make the alterations you are seeking.

Specialty Items